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Over the years the range of services we offer has widened in response to our clients needs whether they are buying, selling, operating or financing business aircraft and helicopters. Our core services can be classified under the following headings:-

Pre Purchase Appraisals & Condition Report

We can provide an independent appraisal of any business jet, turboprop or helicopter before you enter into advanced negotiations to purchase. Taking this step can potentially save you money by not pursuing the wrong aircraft or helicopter. During a pre purchase appraisal we will typically cover the following areas:-

  • General Physical Condition
  • Review of Airworthiness Status & Legal Documentation
  • Review of Maintenance Records
  • Check for any Warranties
  • Check & Review any Manufacturer Support Programmes

Aviation Consultancy

We have worked with numerous Companies both in the UK, Europe & the USA helping them identify their aircraft or helicopter related requirements. We offer guidance to ensure the client chooses the right product to satisfy both current and anticipated future needs within the budget constraints that they may have. In this way we are able to provide a customised solution matched to the clients specific needs.

Some of our consultancy services include:-

  • Aircraft & Helicopter Performance Assessment
  • Importation & Customs Clearance
  • Purchase Contract Review
  • Maintenance Cost Management
  • Repossession & Return to Service Oversight
  • Business Plan Preparation

Aircraft & Helicopter Valuations

We are able to provide current and future forecast values for all types of corporate aircraft & helicopters.  Whether you are a Bank, Leasing Company or Corporation, looking at asset values is a key metric in life cycle costs. We have provided valuations for hundreds of aircraft and supported numerous lenders in evaluating their aircraft assets.

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

With our extensive knowledge of the market we are able to source any type of aircraft or helicopter at the right price, often finding aircraft that are not advertised for sale. Buying aircraft 'off market' is often one of the key ways of reducing acquisition costs. We have also been involved in numerous aircraft sales, a sample of which is shown below:-

  • AW139
  • A109 Power
  • Eurocopter EC135
  • MD600
  • Citation Sovereign
  • Citation VII
  • Challenger 601
  • Gulfstream G200
  • Embraer Legacy
  • Jetstream 31
  • BN Islander

Asset Management & Return to Service Oversight

For our financing clients we specialise in all aspects of asset & portfolio management. We can provide all or just some of the services listed below, depending on requirement & budget.

  • Annual Appraisal
  • Valuation
  • Repossession
  • Management & cost oversight for returning an aircraft to service
  • Sales & Disposals
  • End of Lease Return Conditions
  • Initial Aircraft Acceptance & ferry flights


With over 18 years experience in corporate finance we are well placed to advise on the right funding solutions for your particular aircraft. This could involve some of the following:-

  • Finance Lease
  • Operating Lease
  • Aircraft Mortgage
  • Advising on Return Conditions
  • Contract Review
  • Structuring and rate negotiations

For further information on any our services please give us a call to discuss how we can help.


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